Our Companies: Exceptional People,
Innovative Solutions

Atwell is a bold leader in the consulting, engineering and construction industry. We serve three markets, and deliver countless solutions to our clients.

Atwell includes three divisions – Atwell, LLC, Strategic Construction Solutions, and Atwell Canada. As individual entities, these companies offer custom solutions for your precise industry. Working together, they collaborate seamlessly across departments and locations to deliver what you need, where you need it, all from one trusted source.

Atwell International: Expertise on the global stage
To service clients with global interests or portfolios, Atwell operates an international division with experience in more than 25 countries on five continents. Our teams are able to offer consistent program management for US-based organizations expanding into other countries, as well as support foreign investors and companies with real estate interests in the US.

Our team has provided program management, regulatory consulting, environmental consulting and development services in support of major manufacturers and suppliers in global markets, specifically automotive and transportation.

Driven by projects and clients, the division has had a sustained presence in Asia for the past decade, with offices previously in both South Korea and China. Atwell also maintains relationships with global partners to extend its reach and knowledge base to any area, regardless of previous experience.