Passion with a purpose.

At Atwell, we believe we do our best work by helping our clients do their best work. When they succeed, so do we. It’s really that simple.

Our clients challenge us to deliver our best thinking, but that’s not enough to put Atwell above the others. What really sets us apart is the way we challenge ourselves – combining passion and experience to uncover options, create solutions and produce greater returns on your time and investment.

It takes a lot of effort and demands constant engagement. It means being proactive in what we do and in how we think. It means putting the client at the center of everything we do, so there’s never any question about devoting the right expertise and resources to the job at hand. It means being passionate enough to care about the outcome, and being willing to do the right thing at the right time.

That’s how we help our clients succeed in every
endeavor – and how Atwell stands apart as
a truly passionate advocate in a competitive,
dynamic marketplace.

Team Culture

Our employees tell us that we hire great people with great skills. That we provide a great working environment, and that the challenging work pushes them to go beyond their comfort zone. That probably helps to explain why we have one of the lowest turnover rates in our industry. To us, finding the right cultural fit is as important as finding the right technical fit. Passion for the job, the team, and the company, is a must. In return, Atwell will provide you with more than just pay and benefits. You will be mentored by some of the best and brightest in the industry. You will work on diverse projects. We will support you to be a lifelong learner. You will be encouraged to give back to your community. Meeting deadlines, budgets and project objectives is important, but of equal importance is meeting your needs through training, advancement, and mentorships. To us, “Team” is not just a word. It’s the Atwell way.

Values & Visions

From coast to coast, Atwell’s teams are finding solutions for our client’s biggest needs. Our teams are set up to be multi-disciplinary, which helps to advance your individual understanding of projects, clients and new markets. Those new markets could be in any of our 5 core markets, 10 main services, or within one of our multiple office locations throughout the US. The opportunities are endless. You can take your career to the next level, or to a new state. The choice is yours. Experience the camaraderie, the diversity, the infinite opportunity that is Atwell.

Be a Lifelong Learner

Ongoing training and career development is a core feature of Atwell’s culture. Learning comes in many formats. From our frequent lunch and learns, to our robust conference rotation, you will be exposed to the newest innovations in your field. Even our staff meetings provide learning opportunities. Only at Atwell can you sit at a staff meeting and hear updates from a geologist, an arborist, a landscape architect, a professional engineer, and a wildlife biologist. Communication is a cornerstone of our firm. Weekly staff meetings, monthly team meetings and quarterly company meetings keep you informed of all things Atwell.

Commitment to Our Communities

Our clients call us “advocates”, and we take that same pride and tenacity into the communities that we live in and work in. We recognize that our involvement in the communities where we operate has a direct impact on our business. That is why we support and encourage our employees to get involved in the causes and organizations that they are passionate about. Throughout the  year, our employees dedicate themselves to community projects  in various sizes and scope. It’s just another way we make a
positive difference.

Work Hard and Play Hard

From chili cook offs, to department sponsored summer cookouts, we keep our culture fun. We know the value of a good work/life balance, and contribute to that balance through a core value of keeping our employees actively engaged with each other. Whether it’s a Bagel Thursday, or building a float for a parade, we support and create a culture that allows for camaraderie across our company.