Primarily focused on building industrial projects, Atwell’s construction division, Strategic Construction Solutions (SCS), supports the development, construction, management and maintenance of ferrous and non-ferrous mineral pursuits; processing and manufacturing facilities; and infrastructure supporting the power generation, transmission, and oil and gas markets.

Knowing the challenges that can accompany these often complex and fast-paced projects, we are committed to three basic principles: safety, quality and results. Our leadership team focuses on the constructability, efficiency and functionality of each project it builds, protecting our clients’ investments, commitments and reputations.

We emphasize health and safety – first, last and always.

Ensuring a safe work environment is the most fundamental part of every job we do. In alignment with our corporate health and safety plan, we start with quality planning for every project to limit risks and spot potential problems early.

We follow the plan daily and robustly train our professionals at or above industry standards. We measure our successes and improve our execution as we learn from each unique project.

Along the way, every team member at Atwell takes ownership for identifying prevention measures that foster a safe and productive work site for everyone.