Atwell’s civil engineering services are the technical foundation of successful construction projects.

In addition to the traditional engineering activities, today’s projects demand professionals who can successfully navigate critical regulatory constraints, functional demands and environmental concerns. Our specialized teams strive to balance these forces through sound design, aggressive project management and continual stakeholder engagement.

Due Diligence & Site Research
Site Layout & Preliminary Engineering Design
Annexation & Zoning Strategies
Easement Acquisition
Cost Estimating
Site Construction Plans
Drainage & Stormwater Management System, Design & Permitting
Roadway & Pavement Design
Wastewater Collection System Design
Water Distribution Systems Design & Permitting
Floodplain Analysis, Permitting & Mitigation
FEMA Map Amendments
Subdivision & Site Condominium Documents
Hydrology Design
Utility Design
Earthwork Analysis
Value Engineering
Permitting Strategy