Even the greenest of fields can hold historical significance. Atwell encourages clients to conduct basic cultural resource audits on development projects to ensure there are no unforeseen impacts or surprises during construction.

For sites known or speculated to contain cultural or historical features, our team of archaeologists, cultural resource management specialists and field staff employ GIS services, ground-penetrating radar and mapping technology to anticipate and inventory site features of concern.

Our team regularly coordinates with State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO), local stakeholders and community groups to protect regional and national artifacts – and your business interests.

Archaeological, Architectural & Historic Landscape Surveys & Evaluations
Class I Literature, Site Files & Desktop Reviews
Class II & III Cultural Resource Surveys
Prehistoric Artifact Analysis
Artifact Analysis
Historic Preservation
Management Plans
Research Design & Work Plans
Data Recovery & Excavation of Archaeological Sites
Conditions & Historic Property Assessments
Permitting & Compliance (Federal, State, Local & Tribal Stakeholders)
Mitigation Plans
Archaeological Construction Monitoring