From site selection through post-construction compliance, Atwell’s ecologists and biologists pursue your project objectives.

They work alongside engineers and contractors to alert you to potential environmental disturbances and their impact on project feasibility, scope and schedule. Aggressive design, permitting and mitigation strategies are employed to maximize land use, and minimize threats to regional species, watersheds and ecosystems.

Wetland Services
Determinations, Delineations, Design, Monitoring & Permitting
Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys
Avian, Bat, Reptiles & Amphibians, Mammals
Flora and Fauna Habitat Assessments & Management
Tree & Other Botanical Surveys; Wildlife Surveys Including Avian, Bat, Reptiles, Amphibians & Mammals; Corridor Studies; & Pre- and Post-Construction Monitoring
Aquatic Ecosystem Assessments & Management
Lake & Pond Assessments; Stream Assessments; Restoration; Fish, Mussel, Macroinvertebrates, & other Aquatic Species
State & Federal Permitting & Agency Coordination
NEPA; Section 404; Section 10 of CWA, ESA & HCP Assistance; USACOE; US Fish & Wildlife; DNR; State & Local Agency Coordination, Consultation & Permitting l
Natural Resources Damage Assessment & Restoration Assistance
Wildlife & Avian Hazard Assessments & Mitigation
Violation Assistance & Expert Witness Testimony