Atwell is the partner that thinks ahead and anticipates challenges to help you build a winning development strategy.

Our residential specialists have spent their careers helping residential builders and developers maximize quality, profits and curb appeal. They develop creative solutions that encourage a sense of community and connection to the land and nearby environment, whether rural or urban.

Single Family
Builders and developers need more than sound engineering. They need quality plans that maximize a site’s natural features and potential lot yield. They need advocates who clearly articulate their vision with the community. They need access to the tools and resources that will transform their vision into desirable homes and communities. Atwell has worked for some of the nation’s largest builders, as well as regional outfits and third-party developers, to design award-winning, profitable plans.

A quality multi-family development is one that is functional and pleasant for its residents as well as the public. Atwell’s team brings knowledge and experience to every project to ensure community compatibility. From landscape designs that ensure ample privacy as well as safety for residents to site layout and building orientation, Atwell is a business consultant that brings passion to your project.

Senior Living
The nation’s active, aging population has led builders and developers to create new, dynamic products to suit seniors’ lifestyle, accommodation and medical needs. Atwell represents local and national operators, developers and specialized architects on senior living projects ranging from independent living to memory care facilities, with a focus on design and development amenities that support the necessary “continuum of care.” With a trend toward more integrated communities developed in and around urban centers, developers need a consultant who can support their confidential, time-sensitive site selection process, and identify creative options that can help make projects pencil.

Urban Infill
As population trends change, so do communities. What was once a warehouse is now a chic loft development; blighted property becomes beautiful campus housing. In urban settings, there may be nowhere to go but up. Atwell’s environmental, survey and construction management teams partner with residential specialists to build a strategy for success.

Master-Planned Communities
Atwell has developed a portfolio of large-scale and master-planned community experience, from the early schematic, planning and zoning stages, through the vision and theme to the individual spaces within the environment. Our residential development services and expertise offer market-driven solutions that create profitable and marketable communities. The team has contributed to master-planned and mixed-use developments throughout the Sunbelt, Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

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