The tools and technology continue to evolve, but the science of land surveying remains a consistent feature of development, construction and maintenance.

And the equipment is only as effective and reliable as the professionals operating it. That’s why Atwell is proud to provide clients with experienced, proven land surveyors, project managers and technical teams that take a practical, functional approach to solving client needs through accurate and timely research, data and documentation.

Boundary Surveys
ALTA/NSPS Title Surveys
Topographic (topo survey) & Hydrographic Surveys
Planimetric Surveys
Pipeline & Electric Transmission Corridor Surveys
Rail Surveying
Land Division/Subdivision Plats
Condominium Documentation Drawings
Easement Exhibits for Acquisition or Dedication
Lot-Fit Studies, Plot Plans & House Staking
FEMA/Flood Plain Elevation Certificates
3D Machine Control
Control Surveys & Control Networks
High-Resolution Laser Scanning
Monitoring Well Surveys, Landfill Capping, Volumetric Surveying & Closure As-Builts
Industrial Plant Surveying, Control & Baseline Establishment
Construction & Underground Utility Layout
Construction As-Builts/Record Drawings