Ask our employees. What they will tell you is that
our company does a lot of things well.

One of which is hiring enthusiastic, hardworking individuals who are passionate about the work they do. How do we know this? It’s a quote from a current employee. You will also hear that our offices are fun and collaborative, and that we communicate well.

We believe in an open and transparent application process, so here is what you can expect:

Step 1: Apply

Once you’ve identified an opportunity of interest at Atwell Careers, we invite you to submit your resume online. Following your submission, a member of our recruitment team will review your credentials against the requirements for the opportunity you’ve expressed interest in. You will then be contacted regarding next steps. This step may take a few weeks.

Step 2: Interview

If it seems there may be a match in the making, we may interview you via telephone, a traditional in-person interview or through some other online tool. You will be notified by the recruiter for the position when the interview will occur and with whom.

Step 3: Offer & Onboarding

Once the interviews are conducted, our team will meet to make a hiring decision. If you are not selected for a particular role, we respect your time and effort enough to make sure your recruiter will let you know. If you are selected, we will present you with a verbal offer, followed by a formal offer letter. Once you accept, we will confirm the details of your employment to include your start date, the time of your orientation, and the onboarding steps you will need to complete.

Our employees say that they feel encouraged to reinvent themselves to grow into each project. It’s challenging and not everyone can thrive in this environment; this is why the overall fit between you and Atwell is so important. The interview will give us both a chance to examine this fit, discuss your goals, and help to ensure a successful, long-term relationship.

Please keep in mind that the process takes some time. Please stay in contact with us during this process and feel free to share any questions with our recruiting team along the way. Take this time to learn more about who we are. Explore our website, research our company. Make sure you are ready to bring your best every day.