Mighty Wind Power

Among the hundreds of wind energy projects Atwell has supported since 2008 is a two-phase wind energy facility in the Great Lakes region for a national power producer. Serving as the lead design consultant and construction manager, Atwell supported this 220MW wind power project from concept through construction, including:

  • Preliminary avian and ecological studies
  • Site selection support
  • Design engineering and permitting activities
  • Post-construction monitoring

The result: 135 turbines are online, supported by 24 miles of access road, 2.1 miles of new overhead transmission lines, 95 miles of underground collection lines, a new substation and a 5,000-square-foot operations facility. It is estimated that the result of this singular facility is enough power to run 100,000 households.

Supporting Solar Energy

We uncover early project data quickly, so clients can maximize opportunities by making informed decisions and avoiding costly surprises. A solar energy project in Texas highlights how Atwell helps renewable developers get projects off the ground.

In the preliminary phases of a proposed 100MW solar facility, Atwell was able to streamline technical field surveying evaluations, land owner outreach, title research and other site evaluation activities. This support helped the client determine an optimal project site within a four-county region. Our teams were mobilized and making evaluations less than a week after initial project discussions. Land agents helped to identify and secure 650 acres and supported negotiations for five miles of transmission right-of-way.

Innovations in Power Generation

Atwell is supporting an emerging power generation company creating natural gas distributed power facilities throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

By providing thorough critical issue analyses and other due diligence, permitting and development activities, Atwell is assisting in the construction of small-scale power generation systems, up to 20MW, that supplement grid power, increase access to low-cost power, create markets for natural gas providers, and create jobs and opportunity for the communities where natural gas is produced.

Making Connections

The power engineering team at Atwell combines electrical, structural and civil engineers, as well as power delivery experts, to create full-service solutions for clients in the generation and delivery markets. One project in the western United States involved complete design solutions for four 230kV circuit breaker ring bus configurations for a 684MW power plant. The system included three transformer terminals and one transmission line terminal; one mile of bundled conductor 230kV transmission line; and existing substation modifications for interconnection of transmission lines.

The complete switchyard engineering scope included equipment layout, bus system design, structural steel design, foundational design, cable trench and conduit system, grounding system design, control building structural design, control building electrical design, relaying, SCADA design and wiring design.